List of periodicals (journals and magazines)

This list has been derived from an Excel spreadsheet and consists of approx. 130 titles.  The issues fill twenty four 50 litre plastic tubs.

ACFOA newsletters and documents, 1980s
ACIAR Newsletter (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) 2000s
Actuel developpement (French newsmagazine) 1970s
Africa and the World (1960s) 16 issues
Africa Digest issues from 1950s- 1970
Africa Forum: A quarterly Journal of Contemporary Affairs (3 issues) 1960s
Africa Magazine, 1970s
Africa Research Bulletin 1984
Africa Research Bulletin 1985-89
Africa: An International, Business, Economic and Political Magazine – 1970s
African Affairs 1983 to 2011
African Business
African Development , magazine, 1971-1974
African Farmer – seven issues – 1988 to 1990
African research & documentation : journal of the Standing Conference on Library Materials on Africa. 1970s – 2000s
African social research
African South/ in Exile – 1960s 15 issues
African Studies Abstracts: The Abstracts Journals of the African Studies Centre , Leiden, 1990s
African Studies Association of the UK newsletter
African Studies Review – 70s, 80s, 90s
African Studies Review and Newsletter
Afriscope – 1970s
Amnesty International Newsletters – random 1990s
ASA News, (African Studies Association ) 1990s
Asia Development Outlook 1980s, 90s
Atesa Drum (Cttnre for Pacific Development and Training – 1990s
Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade, monthly Record, 1990s
Australian Foreign Affairs Record, 1980s
Australian Journal of International Affairs 1990s
Australian Journal of Political Science, 1990s
Australian Outlook: Journal of the Australian Institute of International Affairs 1970s-1990s
Australian volunteer : Australian Volunteers International magazine
Black Orpheus – odd issues, 60s
Business and Economy of Central and East Africa
Canadian Association of African Studies newsletter 4 vols 1990s
Challenge magazine (Zambia) 2003 – 2009
Community Aid Abroad Review
Current Affairs Bulletin – 1982 to 1997
Development Bulletin, Australian Development Studies Network, 1990s – 2006
Development Directions (newsmagazine of International Development) 1970s
Development Journal, 1989, 1990 9 issues
Documentatieblad 1989-1993
Drum Magazine, 1960s, 70s
East Africa Journal, 1964 – 1972
Enterprise (magazine) – 1970s (7)
Finance 6 issues 1990s
Finance and Development magazine, 2000s
Focus: The Magazine of Australia’s Overseas Aid Program -eighty six issues – 1997 to 2011
Human Rights Defender (Amnesty) from mid 1990s
Ibadan journal, University College 3 issues only 59-61
IDS Bulletin, 2000s, large set
Insight (Foreign Affairs and Trade – Australian Government) – approx thirty issues – 1995 to 1996
International Relations Bulletin, 10 issues 1990s
International Women’s Development Agency news – 2000s
Journal of African History, 1966 – 1984
Journal of Eastern African Research and Development 2 vols 1987, 88
Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria – vol 1-5 1960s?
Kenya Historical Review 4 issues 1975 – 76
Kenya Today (Magazine/booklet) 1960s
Kenya Weekly News 1960s
Makerere Journal (59, 60s) 5 issues only
Mawazo: the journal of faculties of arts and social sciences 1990s (25)
Mbioni: The Journal of Kivukoni College – 60s, 70s
misc journals and magazines – one or two issues only
Mkombozi Combozi Monthly (magazine) 1980s twenty issues
Modern African Studies 1975 to 1988
Moto magazine; 1980s, odd issues
New African 1980 only (unbound)
New African bound set 1976 – 1984
New African bound set 1985-2007
New Internationalist (magazine) bound set 1980s and 90s
Nigeria (magazine) 50s, 60s
Nkanga magazine – 8 issues from 1960s
Northwestern University Program of African Studies Reprint series
Nuffield College annual reports 80s – 2000s
ODU: Journal of Yoruba and Related Studies (6 ussues) 1960s
Orbit: the Magazine for Young Zambians – 1970s
Out of Africa magazine, issues 2001-2006
Oxfam News – bundle of issues
Oxfam News /Horizons (as CAA) 2000 – 2010
Oxford Today, The University magazine 1990s
Oxford University Institute of Commonwealth Studies Reprint series
Pan Africa 1960s
Partners in Research for Development magazine (ACIAR) and newsletters 1998 – 2002
Partners magazine (ACIAR) 2006-2007
Political and Economic Monthly, few issues only
Politics: Australasian Political studies Association Journal, 1979-1990
Presence Africaine (4 issues) 1960s
Problems of Communism – Magazine, 1980s
Productive Farming 6 issues 1970s
Race and Class – random copies 1970s
Random journals
Random journals
Random magazines
Random magazines
Refugees magazine 1980s
Report on World Affairs – 6 issues from 1960s
Reporter: East African’s Weekly newsmagazine 1963, 65, 66
Rhodesian Commentary, 1970s
Royal African society annual reports, 1997- 2005
Sechaba magazine – National Congress South Africa, 1980s
South African Development Community – magazine SADC Energy, few issues only
South: The Third World Magazine – 1980s
Taamuli: A Political Science Forum 1970 – 1979
The 6th of February (magazine) Tarehe Sitae: The magazine of the national resistance army – Uganda – late 1980s to 1990s forty issues
The African Review: A Journal of African Politics Development and international Affairs 1971, 72, 75 5 issues
The Australasian Review of African Studies
The Australian Universities Review , 1990s
The Central African Examiner 1960s (7 issues)
The Diplomat: Australia’s window on the world (magazine) 2000s
The Economic Review 1990s
The Executive 6 issues 1990s
The Exposure (magazine) – late 80s, 90s
The Lawyer 6 issues 2001
The Review of African Political Economy – 1974 to 1993
The Rhodes-Livingstone Journal – 1940s-60s
The Shariat – few issues from 1990s
The Uganda Journal, 1960 – 73
The Uganda Law Society Newsletter – 1991 to 1992
Transafrican Journal of History 2 vols 1987, 88
Transition magazine, issues from 1960s
Uganda Confidential (magazine) – 1990s approx thirty issues
University of East Africa: Social Science Council Conference 1968/69 papers 4 vols
University: the magazine of the University of Zambia
Venture magazine – 50s-60s
Voice of Africa, Africa, magazines 1980s, odd issues
Wajibu: journal of social and religious concern 1980s (10)
Weekly Review – 1990s (unbound)
Weekly Review – bound set 1985- 1990
Weekly Review – bound set 1975- 1980
Weekly Review – bound set 1980 – 1985
Weekly Review – bound set 1990 – 1993
West Africa – weekly isssues, 1950s, 60s
Wolfsenn College Cambridge magazine, 1970s – 90s
Woman’s Journal – bundle of issues, 1960s
World Food Progam Journal – sixteen issues – 1990 to 1993
Your Garden Magazine 80s, 90s
Z Magazine – 1970s (11)
Zambia Journal (3)
Zambian Review magazine 1970s (4)
Zango: Zambian Journal of Contemporary Issues numbers 1 to 3, 7 – 1976, 1977, 1980